Boxing indeed!


Today is boxing day and I am a little punchy. I know that isn’t what boxing day means. But still, here I am at work with only one co-worker. Everyone else is on holiday.  When you think about what Boxing day really is it’s kind of said. It’s the day people boxed things up and gave them to their servants (slaves?). I truly hope we have moved past that and allow these loyal servants the chance to celebrate Christmas with the rest of us. If they are being paid a proper salary, we don’t need this English Holiday to remind us of ruder times.

We all know that is not true. There is no equality. We still have racial unrest in this country. They may not be fighting or protesting about the same things (or are they?) but it is still about equality and prejudice.

Of course, most of us can’t afford to have servants. I think it might be a good day to recognize the people who serve us in other ways.  Waitresses, Mailmen, Clerks, Handymen, Gardeners, Plumbers (wait they get too much already!), Firemen, Policemen, Servicemen, but I did that on Christmas.

I hope to go home soon and spend time with my family. Our son surprised us by showing up with the girls last night instead of this morning. They are all out shopping and exchanging gifts that didn’t fit right, while I am here bored out of my mind.


These boxes look like something worth exploring. I better not though because I am supposed to be working! Oh what the heck here is another one.



One Response to “Boxing indeed!”

  1. Happy boxing day regardless!

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