End of Days

So what to do you call three days before the end of the year?  I call it a complete waste of time.  All the people I need to work with are on vacation.  There are very few trouble tickets coming in on the bat phone.  So here I am blogging.  Seems like the only sensible thing to do.


This just seems like a more positive image than Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It’s from American Psycho!

Anyway,  I have been tortured by NetFlix.   It seems my granddaughter loves to watch old TV shows on it.  We are talking really crappy old TV shows.  I know some of you will disagree but I can’t stand to watch another episode of “Gossip Girl”.  I thought the acting was bad on “Dynasty” but this thing really takes the cake.  And I am supposed to like this leading man who is simply awful.  My granddaughter says she didn’t like him at first but now she is rooting for him all the way.  Kind of like we did for Joan Collins  I supposed. “Who is Joan Collins?”, she asked.


Okay so maybe watching these young hotties isn’t all bad but that’s my granddaughter on the end of the couch!  I can’t even enjoy staring at them.  And the story line is impossible to pickup in the middle.  I think it is all about jealousy and revenge. Hey it is like “Dynasty”, who is John Forsythe?


Ah! The 80’s.  Crystal, Alexis and John …wait who is that in the back?

I know what you are thinking. Jeff is a closeted Gossip Girl fan.  When Ricky isn’t home he turns to Netflix. No way. I came out of the closet years ago and this show is not putting me back there. Incidentally, we had a wonderful Christmas with family. I really enjoyed having them (and seeing them go home!).


This is not my family but isn’t it a beautiful site? Here’s your coat. What’s your hurry?


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  1. When in doubt, blog !

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