First Snow! Dreams for the New Year…


We had our first snow fall that stuck last night. It was only 2 inches but is was enough to make a winter wonderland of white. The worst is the temperature. It was only 27 degrees.  I like the snow.  It’s the cold that comes with it I hate. I think that’s it.  People like the idea of snow. Sitting by the fire. Drinking Hot Coco (or something stronger) and looking out the window at it. The reality is you have to get dressed up in extra clothing.  Dig your car out and drive to work.   Not so much the romantic picture now is it?

Thankfully, it was only a light dusting and it was dry snow so the car blew off with out much fuss.  If this is all we get I am a happy camper.  Yes we need the snow pack, but keep that at the higher elevations and leave us town folk out of it.

We have been dreaming of a new car.  This snow confirms that it will have to be an AWD.  The choice has been narrowed down (mostly do to price) to the Ford Fusion or the Honda Crosstour.  We haven’t driven either of them so the decision could change, meaning we may need to cough up more money to get what we want.


Practical Honda Crosstour

The basic plan is that if granddaughter moves in with us next year, we will keep the old Honda Accord for her to drive to college, which is less than a mile from our condo.  There are lots of things to work out before any of this happens.  For one thing she will lose her CAL Grant if she goes to school in Nevada.  But she will not need the money for the dorms so it may all washout in the end. Another concern is her health insurance. She is on her mothers low income plan. If she comes here she may be dependent on what the college can provide. They do have basic healthcare. There is a clinic. But is that enough.The last concern is residency. The first year here she would have to pay out of state tuition. Who knows, by next fall she may decide she likes it at SFU and we may keep the old car awhile longer.


Stylish Ford Fusion


One Response to “First Snow! Dreams for the New Year…”

  1. I very much miss snow; I am wasted here in the SW.

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