Prom night or Make that a double

Our son is returning for New Years.  He will probably be there when I get home this evening.  But that is not the worst of it. He is bringing “Tootsie” and Ricky calls her.  The evil alcoholic girl friend.


She starts the evening out looking very nice.


But as time passes evil things happen.

carrie (1)

Poor Mamma!

If you are wonder why all the horror film references, that’s because her real name is Carrie.  I like to call her “Karaoke” because she goes down to the Cal Neva and attempts to sing after several cheap shots.  They call them Kamikazes but they look like blue water, 3 for a dollar and she drinks them all herself.


They look like this but in plastic Dixie cups.  Only the best!

I may have to start drinking my own self just to get through this visit. Wish me luck and hope that I can keep my mouth shut and be a gracious host. No guaranties.

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