Kingdom – Never Submit


I know I am late to the game here.  But now I can’t wait till the new season of Kingdom on DirectTV.  Not the British show which I just found out existing through Google.   This is a DirectTV original drama about the world of extreme fighting.  It takes place in Venice Beach, California where Alvey (Frank Grillo) and Lisa (Kiele Sanchez) run a gym and coach fighters, two of whom happen to be Alvey’s sons and one that is Lisa’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan (Matt Lauria).  The sons are played  Nick Jonas (Nate) and Jonathan Tucker (Jay).   Their mother, Christina, is played by Joanna Going.  Without giving away to much of the plot, there is drugs, sex, violence all rolled into one extremely entertaining show about the world of fighting? or at least this fiction world of Alvey’s gym, Navy Street  Mixed Martial Arts.

There are things they do to make weight that seem impossible.  Losing 20 pounds before a fight, called Cutting.  It seems more dangerous then getting in the cage.  They fight in a cage not a ring.  Kind of like Thunderdome,  only no weapons. The guys look great too, not like those blotted heavy-weight boxers you see in Vegas. Of course, these are actors, but if you watch sports you know what extreme fighters look like.

I hear what you are saying, “Jeff, how could you watch something starring a Disney kid like Nick Jonas?”  This is not Disney and I would not recommend it for children.  Nick is 21 now and he is a much better actor then I would have thought based on his older brothers stint with reality TV, Married to Jonas.  He has a secret in this show that only begins to reveal itself in season one.  20 more episodes are promised starting this fall.



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  1. all the men are just gorgeous.

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