Media binge madness

After watching the Golden Globes last night it occurred to me that I have not seen most of the movies and shows that won. Movies I get because I refuse to go to the theater. The ticket prices are high. The seat are not comfortable and you need to take out a loan for anything from the concession stand. There is one exception. I went to see “Into the Woods” at our new iMAX complex.They have wonderful seats with foot rests. I had trouble not falling asleep.

It’s the TV shows I have never seen that surprised me.  I watch a lot of TV. But I don’t get HBO, SHOWTIME, AMAZON PRIME, HULU, and a growing number of others. I do subscribe to NetFlix and have watched “Orange is the New Black”. Here is my problem with these “new” channels.  I am way behind.   I watched a season and a half of “Orange” by doing what they call binge watching. I was so depressed afterwards I haven’t finished season 2 and season 3 is about to start. Never mind the whole idea of paying to watch these shows, I don’t have the time to catch-up and I hate picking up in the middle.


Remember the good old days.  We had 3 networks and a summer of re-runs.  It was easy to “catch-up”.  Then came FOX, CW, Lifetime, MTV, and a whole bunch of other channels, but again they had reruns and marathons so we could catch-up.

This new way of watching TV is harder. For example, I love watching “Kingdom” on DirectTV.  The show has no commercials and you get a true 60 to 90 minutes of show. I get so involved I forget I can push pause and go to the restroom or the kitchen. That last choice is not a bad one.  I need to stay out of the kitchen more.  And then when its over, the time doesn’t match up with anything on regular TV. So back to NetFlix we go.

I can’t afford to get all these services and channels.  I guess I am too old for this new way of viewing.  I will have to be content with CBS’s “Mom”.  Or “Modern Family”, what channel is that on, HULU? It seems even the network shows can be binge watched on these services.

I think maybe the only solution is to turn off the noise and read a good book!  That way I can binge eat and fall asleep with the cat in my lap.  I need to purge some of this media madness.

And don’t get me started on smartphones.   It seems you can watch all these shows on your phone too.  Take it with you everywhere.  The screen is too small for my taste, but apparently my granddaughter loves it.  She breezed through our family plans 30 GB of data before we turned her off, but not before she cost us in overage charges.  15 bucks a gig! Yikes.


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