Doctor doctor give me the news

It seems there may be a way to lose weight that I have yet to explore. Our health insurance now covers weight loss programs and surgery. Two people I work with have already started the process.  One woman and one man. The process starts with a visit to my GP to get a referral to a dietitian.  The Dietitian puts you on a 3 month program to lose weight. You check in once a week to see how things are going. Then if you lose the prescribed amount of weight you can opt to continue the program or advance to surgery.

The woman who is trying this has failed miserably. She lost 20 pounds before Christmas without first signing up for the program. She then was told she would need to lose at least 15 more. Instead over the holidays she gained it all back and is at square one. She needs to lose 35 pounds before she can meet with a surgeon.

The man has had must greater success. He followed the program and lost 60 pounds. He had surgery in December and has manage to lose an additional 20 pounds this month!

The requirements of this program are that you need to be morbidly obese and have a related health risk such as diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea.  The man had the sleeping disorder and the woman has diabetes.



Blood pressure measuring studio shot


I have no problem qualifying on all counts. The first step is do make that appointment with my doctor and discuss the possibilities. If I can lose weight in the 3 month program I may not need to have surgery. Maybe those weekly confrontations will help me stick to it.

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