People let me tell you about my best friend……(Part 2)


Green Valley Lake – we used to go here to his family cabin.

Some time ago I wrote a blog about my best friend from childhood. Through the magic of Facebook we have reconnected. A lot of things have happened to each of us and yet we seem to relate the same as always. We share new experiences and remind each other of past events. We have caught up on each others lives chatting through messenger. (And through snooping through what is on Facebook.)

The interesting thing is he seems to be posting or liking things that relate to why we stopped speak some 30 years ago. Without saying it, he is saying he understands me now. He gets what being gay means. He is not afraid of it.  I think I probably am the one who decided he wouldn’t understand and I couldn’t open up to him. His parents were very “straight” and right wing. His dad was very prejudice against blacks and Mexicans. Being gay or having a gay son would be totally unacceptable to him.  In comments on posts we have shared funny memories of his dad. He has shared how he considered my father his mentor. He and my father had a continued relationship even after ours ended. They were both heavily involved in the Boy Scout.  My friend still is involve in scouting. My father has had to stop because of his health.

As small pieces of our past collide with the present, I feel a great loss for what could have been all these years, had we only opened up to each other and expressed our true feelings. It is a brotherly love that I miss. Something that is hard to find in a friend.

There maybe some secrets yet to share. He is a single father now with three almost grown children. He has inherited the family business. But to my sister he is still the “M&M Kid”. Only time will tell if we renew our friendship to the level it once was but the thought of it puts a smile on my face that hasn’t been there for a long time.

I don’t know if I am just missing my youth or missing my friend.  I think both.


P.S.  I have been writing this blog for 5 years.  Amazing!


One Response to “People let me tell you about my best friend……(Part 2)”

  1. Congratulations on the blog-day! May there be many many more !
    I relate to your friend issue. Most of us do!

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