Singing (Jumping) in the rain


It has been a crazy time for me lately, but things are making a turn for the better.  I am on my second round of antibiotics and and starting to feel semi-human again.  As for my friend with the cancer, her sister is planning to visit us this weekend.  It turns out this cancer is unrelated to the cancer she had before and is less progressive, meaning it doesn’t move as fast.  We are hopeful that she will, through therapy, get her strength up to withstand treatment again.

I didn’t know this but it is pretty common for people to not follow through with rehab after a bout with cancer.  There is a tendency to feel sorry for ones self and not want to do anything.  The result of these actions is the re infestation as it were because the immune system is now compromised.  Our friend was already suffering from depression before any of this happened so her chances for rehab were slim to none.  While I was prone to blame the family for aiding and abiding her decision processes not to get better, I realize it is next to impossible to change someones will.  I can only pray for her recovery once more.

The reality is I have this same problem with my weight.  I am overwhelmed by the fact that I have so much to lose. I throw in the towel without trying.  Being sick these past few weeks has jump-started my desire to be come healthy and fit.  So once this coughing and sniffling is over I am going to get serious.


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  1. Persevere! Keep going !

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