Jump start to success

I finally went to the doctor to discuss my weight problem. She thinks I am a good candidate for surgery.  I told her I had reservation about having an operation and wanted to exhaust all other possibilities first.  She said the risks of the surgery are far less the then risks of heart attack or stroke, but we can try drugs first if you want.  I told her I just needed something to jump start this thing and I think I could do it.  I told her I had already started going to a fitness club and riding a stationary bike for 30 minutes 3 times a week.  She said I need to up that to 5 times a week.

So here we go. The pills I am taking should curb my appetite and make me feel fuller. The will also rev up my metabolism.  Because of this I need to be mindful of my blood pressure and record it on a daily basis.  I am to check in with these readings through MyChart.   It all sound fairly safe.

One other part of the strategy is to take fiber a half hour before any big meal.  This should make me feel fuller sooner when I actually sit down to eat.  So now I am that old man taking Metamucil.


Of course, now they are tying to be more hip and go by Meta, but it’s the same old crap, if you will excuse the pun. It tastes like Tang.  Remember that stuff.  The astronauts drank it.  Ya right!  Kids drank it.  And unlike Quick, more was definitely not better.


I started this all over the weekend.  It was recommend to see if I had any reactions before driving a car or going to work.  So far so good.   I will continue to post my progress.

On a side note this whole thing just go a whole lot more serious on Saturday.  My uncle who is only 10 years my senior ended up in the hospital with heart troubles.  I am sending positive energy his way for a fast recovery, even though he hates us gays.  He is family after all. (Tomorrow I will write more about dear uncle John. He is an enigma inside of a riddle, wait reverse that…)


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