We’ve only just begun

Flashback Thursday means I am revisiting an old weight.  In more ways than one.  So far I have lost over 10 pounds.  Yeah!  I have not been down this low in probably 5 years, give or take. The second part of the flash back is that the scales sadly went up a pound this morning. I know you are not supposed to check every day but it has been rewarding so far.  Today was the first disappointment. I blame those damn chips I ate at lunch. Too much salt, right?

Anyway, I am still encouraged to continue. I am feeling better. I can already tell my pants aren’t as tight. The exercise is making me more alert. I do struggle with going to the club, but once I get on the bike and start moving I am fine. Actual the first 5 minutes are the worst. Ricky is doing this with me. This has been extremely helpful.  Although I don’t think he is as serious.  On Sunday he wanted a jelato.  He ordered his first thinking I was going to join him.  Surprise!  I didn’t.

We have start cutting down on portions. Last night we shared a chicken breast and had more vegetables. I was satisfied. He was ready to go have dinner. Of course, he is not on any medications to curb his appetite so it is harder for him.  He is not as fat as a hog ready for butcher either!  Since he retired he has managed to lose 30 pounds in the last 6 years all on his own, just walking and eating a little less. I on the other had have been eating what he doesn’t and gained.

I have a near term goal. We are going to visit my parents on the 10th of April. It is their 60th wedding anniversary.  If I can lose another 10 pounds in 14 days I will weigh the same as I did at their 50th.  That sounds reasonable enough.

My long term goal is to reach the weight I was when Ricky and I met in 1999 by my Birthday in September. That is a lofty goal of 50 pounds. Then the sky is the limit. Think Karen Carpenter. Too soon?  Come on it’s funny right?hqdefault

One Response to “We’ve only just begun”

  1. congratulations on the weight loss.

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