60 years strong


Morro Bay

My parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Friday. It is an amazing feat to be sure. My father is 80 and my mother is 78.  Most of their friends and siblings have passed on or are unable to travel, so it was just close family who gathered, my sister, her husband, Rick and me.

What does it take to stay together that long? It would seem a lot and at the same time it is effortless. Time passes and you are still there for each other. Great relationships are not without problems. But they deal with those problems together. This is my perception after having observed my parents.

Sometimes you protect each other. This could be from the truth, until you are ready to deal with it, or from a very real danger. But you never lie …and if you do you better come clean with a solid explanation. If the truth about something is revealed you deal with it head on, together.

Sometimes they disagree. Sometimes they argue, yell and scream at each other. But this is out love not hate. They compromise and move on. Because in the end these little things aren’t what’s important. Of course, there has to be some give and take on both sides or life would be miserable. They know how to make each other happy.

Now that they are older it seems on the surface to be about care giving. My mother is constantly attending to my fathers needs and his health continues to degrade.  But if you watch closely you see the connection, the bond, is still there beyond the duty, they need have each other. It is a beautiful thing.


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