Self-control….not so much!

It is an undeniable fact that I am self defeating.  Tomorrow I go to see the doctor again.  It is my one month follow-up since starting the diet  weight loss program.  So what did I do this weekend?  Well for starters on Friday night I behaved.  We went to the gym.  We went out for barbecue and I had a 1/4 chicken rather than my usual 1/2. I ordered sensible sides (no fries or rice). Success right?  Wrong!

Later we had ice cream, mint-chip!  I had a small. I thought, “I deserve a treat every once and a while”. This was the beginning.  Saturday we went out for Mexican food.  Those darn chips kept jumping into the salsa and I had to eat them. Sunday things went further down hill sooner. We had McDonald’s for lunch! Yikes! There is nothing healthy to eat in that place. I had french fries. I don’t know if they were really better then usual or if I was going through withdrawal but I ate every one of those golden crispy critters. Then the kicker.  I had a coke instead of ice tea. To be honest I felt guilty drinking the coke and threw half of it away.


Needless to say dinner continues the trend.  We went out for a comp dinner and the chef special was a rib-eye with shrimp and a baked potato. It was free and I was blowing it big time.  This morning I saw the results on my scales.

I just hope that a lot of it is salt and I can undo some of the damage by tomorrow morning!  Geez!  I need more control.


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