Progress report

It’s official. I lost 12 pounds this past month. And that is according to the doctors scales. She said it was the lowest I have weighed in 3 years.  Pretty good progress.  I told her the only issues I have with the meds are headaches and kind of feeling blah, not depressed, just not excited about anything. So I am stopping one of the pills and see how that works. There is another drug I could take but it is not covered by insurance. I am hoping this one works. Phentermine is the appetite suppressant. The other pill was called Topiramate. The combo was supposed to work, but Topiramate won’t work by itself because it doesn’t suppress your appetite. Anyway….I think the gym and eating less are really what is doing the trick. The drugs are just helping me do that…I guess.

One pill makes you smaller…….


Tonight I am going to take some pictures. I got this idea. People always take before and after pictures.  I want to do that too but with a twist. I am going to take a picture of what I see when I look down.  Right now it is my stomach but as time goes on my toes may start to show and who knows what else.  If the picture don’t turn out you may just get images of Billy the cat begging for treats.  We’ll see.


One Response to “Progress report”

  1. you inspire! I am trying to emulate your progress.

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