Dieting will continue. Until death do us part.

Yesterday was my monthly follow-up visit with the doctor to check on my weight management.   Although I am discouraged, the doctor says I am right on target.  I lost 5 pounds.  A realistic weight loss is only .5 to a pound a week.  We discussed my problems with the medication.  I am only taking one pill now and am bumping up the fiber regiment.  I told her it was hard to drink the fiber 30 minutes before each meal when I am on the go or eating out.  She suggest  take fiber cookies with me or they make little packets you can easily added to water in a restaurant.

fiber cookies

Cookies always sound good!

If neither of these are available, eat a salad before the main course.


Well, salad is kind of a dirty word, almost as frightening as exercise.  At first I was able to get salads.  I even order salad type entrees.  BUT,  they get old fast and you have to be careful about the dressing, which is really the only taste in my opinion.  We talked about bringing my own dressings.  This works well for women, but where am I going to keep those little bottles or packets.  In my car, perhaps.  Maybe I should start carrying a nap sack or something with all my goodies in it.

School Backpack with Wine Coolers

Okay so maybe the wine is a little much!

As for exercise,  I have been keeping my promise and going to the gym everyday after work, 5 times a week.  It is a struggle but once it is over I feel so much better.  Basically I do the bike for 20 to 30 minutes and them I use the weight machines for another 20 to 30 minutes, alternating legs and upper body.  It is working!  I am down a pants size!

The hardest part of all of this is, 1. remembering I don’t have to clean my plate.  It is okay to throw food away. And 2. going to the gym.  Once I am there it’s really not that bad.  If I hesitate too long at home it is easy to say, “Let’s skip it today.”  And sometimes we do. Shiit happens and you just can’t get there.


Interesting thing about the clean plate, I actually threw away steak last night.  I was too full and couldn’t eat it all.  We don’t do left overs so down the disposer it went.  No starving children are going to die because I did this, but my stomach just might be a little smaller.

We celebrated our 1st anniversary in Las Vegas on May 5th.  I say first, because we have only been legally married that long, but we have been together for 16 years!   It seem like yesterday to me that I was staring through the pee hole of my front door trying to make out what my date looked like before letting him in the apartment.  Yahoo!  We have been together ever since.  We met on Yahoo.  I don’t know that I could do on-line dating in today’s swipe to the left world.  Thankfully I don’t have to.  If Ricky dies, I want to be alone, well maybe a dog or cat. People are too much trouble. Not that Ricky is any trouble at all.  We understand each other.  We fight about stupid things but mostly we are happy.  The relationship is not a lot of work, although I can’t take him for granted.  There needs to be praise and surprises along the way.  But it’s not work, like trying to change someone, which was so often the case BR, before Ricky.

We made a side trip to the Grand Canyon.  Rick had never seen it.


Beautiful!  I had not been here since I was a child.


I would never go out there on those rocks! Crazy people!


So happy anniversary to us and may he out live me so I don’t have to be alone. (It’s a horrible selfie but maybe someday I will look back and appreciate the memory!)


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  1. happy anniversary

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