Unfiltered or just plain crazy?

My passion has always been to be a writer. My fear has been that people will not like what I have to say. So I started this blog as an outlet for taming that fear and enjoying my passion. I think sometimes the fear prevents me from reaching my true potential. I write similar to how I communicate.  Unedited.

I have a problem going back over my work and making changes other then correcting obvious mistakes in grammar or punctuation. But if I read something I wrote awhile ago I am either fascinated that it is as good as it is or I am horrified that I thought it could pass muster. (Who is this Muster guy anyway?)


Muster for Battle

So much is at stake when I compose emails here at work. If I miss communicate then I find myself trapped in a long chain of emails trying desperately to explain things so that my reader understands. On occasion I will save my email as a draft and come back to it. This annoys me though because I want to be finished with it and move on to other things. Yet there that draft is waiting for me to push send. However, it has save me from getting in trouble.  Filtering, or removing my editorial comments is very important, even if is is dull or boring.

“Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out”.  I like that one. It kind of relates to everything.  I don’t taste my food sometimes before I wolf it down.  It’s called self-control, but all these voices in my head are impeding my progress. I am listening to the wrong ones or mixing up what they are telling me.  Crazy, I know. Worse, I talk to myself and people try to answer what I am saying. I don’t even know I am doing it.  I am trying to internalize those conversation but I am not always successful. Didn’t Joan of Arc get burned at the stake for this very thing?


Of course, I am no Joan of Arc.  I don’t have the strength and courage her legendary story portrays. But in my own world I have suffered.  You can actually visit the site of her burning.  Even though she was larger then life, she really did exist.


And here we are almost to the day, 584 years later.  So much to learn and yet we really haven’t.  Which reminds me I have been recording “Salem” on my DVR. We watched one episode the other night.  I was so confused coming into it in the middle. I need to find the first season and do some catching up.  The head witch is so beautiful and dangerous.


Janet Montgomery

I seem to remember another beautiful Montgomery who also played a witch on TV, Elizabeth from “Bewitched”.  But she was not evil like this one. In the episode I watched she suggested to a young new recruit that magic is born out of passion as she proceeded to …. seduce her. Images of a man who turns out to be a witch hunter went though the girls head rather than Janet.   Later she is throw in a  well and drowns a kitten but that’s another story.

You see I have wondered off track and uncensored.


Shane West

There are some male characters in this show that make it all the more interesting. Although after searching the internet, I think I like him better out of costume….


Enough nonsense for one morning.  The voice are telling to me stop….don’t stop….

One Response to “Unfiltered or just plain crazy?”

  1. I very much enjoy your writing
    I blog for similar reasons
    I too go back and try to improve what’s written. This is usually (for me) a time-waster and I should only read to help improve the present scribbles.

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