Friends and time

I know I don’t blog enough. I think of wonderful things to say and then I get to work and am bombarded with things that keep me busy all day. When I get home. I am done. Sometimes I get on the computer to look at new cars or find a restaurant but that is it. Half the time I do that on my phone. I have tried blogging from my phone but it is really a desk job with a full keyboard required.


Maybe some Cha-Cha shoes would get me going again!

Good things are happening. We made new friends. After almost 8 years living here in Reno we are finally reaching out to people in the community and making friends. The stumbling block as always been, we don’t go to gay bars. The ones here in town are either for the very young (I want friends not children) or the drunks. The normal channels for friend making are through work or things you do outside of work.

To that end we made a couple of moves on people we see all the time, waitresses. The first two are sisters that have waited on us at our favorite barbecue for almost 12 years, before we even moved here. I think I mentioned them once before. We have gone out with them 3 times now.  It is a wonder what they see in two old farts, but they like us and Rick says they are the daughters he never had. The great thing about them is they are so open and love to talk so there is no lull in the conversation.


Jennifer Aniston was a waitress on Friends

Expanding on this idea, we were at another favorite breakfast place and the waitress told us it was her last week there, she was moving on. Rick approached her after we ate and asked her if she would like to exchange numbers and go out sometime. She was excited and took our contact info. Low and behold she called us (while we were out of town!). We called her back and have gone out 2 times so far. The last time she brought another customer friend with her, and get this, we all went to the barbecue place. So now we have two new friends. The guy she brought along is a nice old gentleman who is retired. His partner is a long haul trucker so he is alone a lot. Our waitress friend has a dog and two cats. Now we have a cat sitter.  She said she would gladly come over and check on Billy the next time we leave town.

I guess my point here is once you get your foot in the door, one friend leads to another.  I am super excited that we might actually have local friends. It makes me feel like I belong here.

As to the other venue of work friends, most of them are younger then me and live in Sparks. I know it is only a few mile away but people around these parts don’t get out much. Leaving their neighbors is a chore. I have found one new work friend who lives close to our neighborhood. We haven’t done anything outside work yet, but we are making plans to do so. We are the early crew, he and I, so we have time to chat in the mornings. I have cleared the air on a lot of things and he seems to enjoy our exchanges on topics like religion and politics. You see most of my colleague are Republican and those topics are best not discussed. I expected him to be conservative too, but you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, he is a liberal Mormon. I didn’t know they existed.


The Book Of Mormon On Broadway

Back to the work front, I got another raise!  It was supposed to be a promotion but there is some freeze on creating new job titles so I got an “increase in responsibility raise.”  Whatever, I’ll take it.


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