Watch me

Big Brother is here. It maybe 31 years late, but they are watching  me. A new Web filter has been installed,  sort of a net nanny  for the office.

I can’t  blog anymore  or check emails from home. Thank goodness  I have a smart phone. It’s all business  now. There is a loop hole of sorts. You can choose  to go ahead to the site for 10 minutes provided you have not used up your one hour quota. Like I am going to voluntarily say “Hey look at me. I’m not busy so I am surfing the web.” It doesn’t  sound like the path for career advancement to me.

So  as I am seeing less and less of me, you will see less and less of me blogging.

I did take that before picture. When I have a few progress reports I may do a comparison. I probably will make you click to see it (for those with weak stomachs).


One Response to “Watch me”

  1. I suppose more businesses are doing this to cut down on people not working but sufring the net. I am waiting for my work to do similar.

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