Wash away Washoe…


Today is a strange day.  We have had sunshine, rain, hail, and wind.  The roof is leaking over my coworkers desk.  My cell phone keep warning me about flash flooding.  And here I sit working.  This is Washoe County.  Now I am beginning to understand the name.


It was actually named after a Native American Indian tribe, but maybe they did a rain dance today because we are washing away.


The council of chiefs need to reconvene and stop this crazy rain. I know we need the water but not all at once.


I love the old photos. Modern day natives look more like this:


They build a giant Walmart just down the street from my work. I guess Nevada doesn’t allow Indian Gaming.  What a novel idea. If you shop here part of the revenue goes to the tribes. The colony here is proud but  poor. The reservation includes some land between Reno and Sparks and Pyramid Lake to the north.


Reno Clinic-Exterior South copy

They have build their own medical center but I have never seen the number of cars this photo shows in the parking lot. Maybe they have prayed for the white man to be washed away, and who could blame them.  The neighborhoods are run down and the schools should be condemned they look so bad.  I assume many of the younger tribe members go to our public schools.  It is a heritage that is slowly fading from our landscape.

I am sure it is not PC to talk about them as Indians.  But I am not worried about that, I am more ashamed that we allowed this to happen to these great tribal nations.

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