Pure torture, otherwise known as exercise

It has been awhile since I provided my last status report on my weight loss.  Things are going pretty well.  My last follow up with the doctor showed that I lost another 5 pounds.

This is good for 4 weeks.  I know I should be happy about it, but so far all I have lost is the equivalent of having a baby, 30 lbs.   As I told the doctor, “The baby’s out, now if I could just get rid of this small child we’d be in business!”, pointing at my stomach.  “You see I am working my way up to that full sized adult trapped in here.   He’s not paying rent and he needs to go!”

We talked about my meds.  I told her that my glucose has been great, so I am cutting back on the frequency of my Metformin, once a day now.   I told her I was tired of the “jitters” and Ricky was tired of my “Irritableness”.  The pregnancy is over,  so I am off the diet pills for now.  I think I can do it on my own.  If not all I have to do is text her and get the prescription renewed.  We are going on a 60 day follow-up.   Anything over 6 lbs will be a success next time.   In the mean time I am supposed to send her my glucose numbers to keep them in check.

Both the office staff and the doctor shared advice on how to speed up my weight  loss.   One suggestion was to go to exercise classes.  The only drawback here is once the class starts there is no bailing out.  I will pass on this for now.  The second suggest came from my doctor.   She told me to switch up my cardio.  Instead of doing the bike I should try the elliptical.   I told her that I had tried that in the beginning but couldn’t quite master it.  She said it’s all about time.  You burn twice the calories.

So I am on the elliptical now.  Man, it’s tough, but the rewards have been worth it.  I lost 2 lbs since seeing the doctor.  But it has been pure torture.  That and the abdominal crunches are killing me.  I couldn’t do the crunches in the beginning.  There was too much tummy in the way.  Progress!  And the ultimate measurement, I fit in most booths at the restaurants now.  No more waiting for a table with the other “handicapped” fat old farts.  I know it’s not very PC of me.


Speaking of torture, I have started watching “American Horror Stories” on Netflix.   OMG, Kathy Bates is giving me nightmares.  Don’t binge watch this one before going to bed.   I absolutely love Jessica Lange in this one.  She has so much class and is still so evil.  The best thing is no commercials.  Funny how some scenes go to black before continuing.   That must be the commercial breaks.


We skipped to season 3 because it takes place in New Orleans, my favorite city.  If you have never seen it, this one is about a Coven of witches.  Jessica plays the supreme, and Kathy plays a woman who can’t die because of a voodoo queen curse.


There are so many fun characters in this one and the torture….I think maybe I would rather have my mouth filled with “shit” and sown shut as opposed to anther turn on the elliptical.  It would accomplish a similar goal.  But then there is the zombie curse.  Not so much fun.

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