Decadence on the horizon

We are moving in on our trip to New Orleans over Labor Day.  I am very excited to go to Southern Decadence again.  We have been going since 2000.  We missed for Katrina in 2005, Gustav in 2008, and Isaac in 2012.  We didn’t go the year after Katrina either because of all the damage.  In 2012 we went for Christmas.

I probably have (in boxes in storage) every souvenir know to man from Louisiana.   The biggest one is my stomach.  I love the food.  This year I have lost 30 pounds before the trip.  I couldn’t possibly put that much on in one weekend, but I will be giving it a try.
Emeril’s has been on our list every visit but this year we are going to try more traditional K-Paul’s.  I was kind disappointed in NOLA’s the last two times we went.  We love Mr. B’s Bistro, tried it for the first time last year.  I hope it is as good as I remember.   We tried the Court of the Two Sisters for Christmas.  It is a great location and the food is traditional.  The service was excellent, but it just didn’t live up to the rave reviews for me.  I thought Brenan’s was better when we went there for brunch a few years back.  Brenan’s is steeped in history and the service was amazing.

There are several other restaurants that we have tried over the years.  Some stay on our list and some have not withstood the test of time. There are too many places to eat to go back to a place that has disappointed us.

For me Decadence is not just about gay pride but about the food. Of course I do love a party in the streets with bead tossing and flashing of genitals.  Who wouldn’t?  And the alcohol flows 24/7, another calorie problem.  Rum drinks just aren’t any fun without slushy juices and fruits mixed in them. (I know what you are thinking about those fruits, and you are right!  Some of them are attempting to walk around and they look pretty juicy.) Okay, so I am a little decadent after all.

I just love the accents from the locals.  They call everyone “baby”.  And they are all so friendly.  If you have never visited New Orleans you need to come for the hospitality if nothing else.  There is no place like it.  (Don’t get me wrong.  If you wander too far out of town and head towards Mississippi you will hear the banjos playing deliverance.  But the city itself is tolerant.)

We do travel down the golf coast.  It is a beautiful place with white sandy beaches.  You just need to be on your guard and not too obvious.  We are just a couple of old men and they leave us alone.  Most tourist stops look the other way as long as you are spending money, but I always feel like I am being watched.  The Southern Hospitality is still there but a little more reserved.

One Response to “Decadence on the horizon”

  1. I long to see NO again – precisely for the food.

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