We all fall down

I can’t seem to shake this sadness as summer draws to close.  We came back from New Orleans.  I am double nickel now. While I like the prospect of cooler weather, I want some more hot fun in the summer time.

I gained weight on my vacation.  That is a little disheartening, but a week without going to the gym or counting calories was a welcome relief.   We are back on track now.  I went to the gym last night after work.

The tele depresses me too.   Donald Trump, some county clerk in Kentucky, Bruce Jenner …..

I know he isn’t Bruce anymore, but that interview on The Ellen Show was ridiculous.  Being transgender and a senior citizen doesn’t make you any smarter does it?  I am happy for him and what he represents, but a fool is a fool no matter how you dress him or her.

I hope she gets someone to write better answers to what should be simple questions.  We get it.  You are a women.  You are conservative.  You are not gay.  Enough! 

Do we really need another reality show where you can tell us this again and again and again?  Doesn’t your family have enough money?   Doesn’t Ryan Seacrest have enough money?

Speaking of closeted people living dual lives, give me a break, give us all a break and stop dragging those beards around tinsel town.  This is 2015, not the 80s.

This is going nowhere.  I am just lashing out and being mean.  I will stop now.

One Response to “We all fall down”

  1. I feel a lot of this too.
    Let us hang in there; we will both make it if we persevere.

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