Public opinion

I have been trying to understand what is going on here. There are several topics that have been in the news lately: Gun Control, Abortion, Birth Control, and Border Control.  And hand in hand with these issues are public safety, women’s rights, non-citizens rights, welfare, and affordable healthcare.

The questions are:

Should your right to carry a gun interfere with my safety in the work place or at school or any public place?

Should the rights of an unborn fetus take precedence over the rights of a woman and her own body?

Should non-citizens who entered this country illegally be turned away or deported?

As citizens, do we have the right to food, shelter, and healthcare?

These are not easy questions to answer and yet they are simple questions. 

Public safety should come first over your right to carry a gun.  Guns were designed for one purpose, to kill, whether that is an animal on the hunt or a human in battle.  But, “I have a right to bear arms”.  Gun control is not about taking away that right, but rather controlling human behavior.  Most of us would agree that a gun in the wrong hands is dangerous.  And yet so many of us fear new gun laws.  The reality is bad people are going to get the guns illegally. 

The purpose of the controls is to establish a norm of what is acceptable behavior.  These norms change as society and technology has changed over the centuries.  Our forefathers never imagined the weapons of today.

In a civilized society are guns necessary? 

We don’t need to hunt to eat.  Hamburger comes from a cow.  When was the last time anyone hunted down a cow, if ever?  Animals we eat today are domesticated.  As for the sport, is it really a sport to setup a trap and wait for a wild deer to come in range and shoot it?  If you miss, it was probably the beer.  And then there are those hunting accidents where fellow hunters are injured or killed.  I find this all unnecessary, but I am willing to allow that some people hunt responsibly and enjoy it.

Do urban gang member need guns?

This goes back to the right to bear arms.  The American Revolution could be considered an “urban gang” war.   I think this argument would hold water until we look at the intent.  Today’s gangs don’t want to over throw the government.  They want to make money off people selling illegal items such as drugs.  Those that would overthrow the government we call Terrorists.  Does anybody think they have a right to bear arms?

I have gone on and on with the first question, but all these questions are related.  It comes down to the rights of an individual over the rights of society as a whole.  There are no easy answers.  Each of us has a different moral compass.  That’s what elections are for, to group us together, not the name calling and finger pointing that is happening today.

If Donald Trump gets elected, America has succumbed to the artificial world that has made him famous.  If you can run a country on lies and false hopes….oh wait, we are already doing that….hmmm.

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