Social media scares me.

I have not posted here for quite sometime. The reasons are simple. First it is easier to blog from a desktop computer. Second I am no longer able to do this while at work. And finally, my granddaughter has moved in with us to go to college. The computer is in her room 

I set up a make shift office in our bedroom so I can handle my on-call obligations at work on a laptop. But it doesn’t inspire me to blog.

So I have switched to social media I can do on my phone. The problem is that people read into what I say. Feelings get hurt. Posts are taken down and apologies made. In short it is fast becoming  a censored world of boring everyday trivial nonsense.

I have been exploring other outlets like Tumblr. But that damn thing pops up with embracing notifications. So again I am censoring. I am afraid and I have no outlet for these voices in my head. 

Facebook is the worst. I see a post I like and then there are those  questions from friends and family. I see now what has driven teens to choices like snap chat or kicks (sic.). But those realms are to confusing for an old man like me.

So here I am attempting to blog again on my phone. Geez, give me some paper and a typewriter. I long for the old ways.

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