Rock Horror a truly horrific remake on Fox

So I was excited  to see the new version of Rocky Horror last night on Fox until I actually started watching it. Very disappointing.

Okay, so the original was a campy cool movie that flopped at the box office and later became the cult classic we all know and love. This version was slick and stylish attempt to attract a new generation. My 20 years old granddaughter left the room 20 minutes in, but I continued watching until Adam Lambert made his brief appearance as Eddie.  So, it didn’t  reach out to a new generation and it was barely watchable by its original fans.

I really liked the MGM musically production style of the first one.  This one was slick, maybe to slick, and lacked the quirkiness …and don’t get me started on the this woman who played the Tim Curry part. Yikes 

It just loses something when the transvestite has real boobs and not a hairy chest and a corset. Laverne Cox is actually pretty.

Tim Curry was amazingly sexual and some how more erotica.

There goes my memory again. Tony from the loading dock at Montgomery Ward had a hairy chest. He used to go with us dress up like Tim. Tim has abviously shaved his as you can see above.

In the end it may be that the material is dated. It has lost some of its shock value and my memory  of it and the fun we had was with Tim not Laverne. (Or was it Tony?)

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