Early voting

We early voted yesterday.  I voted for the same person I caucused for earlier this year. I am done with this election. I can’t  wait for it to be over.Who ever wins it’s going to be a challenge to get this country united. It should not be one party against the other. We need to work together. 

People say we are picking between two evils. I don’t.  What is evil about Hilary would be viewed as a virtue in any man. What is evil about Donald is that Americans believe the lies and bigotry. It’s not him after all. People are loving his political incorrectness but they will pay for this reality star’s incompetence. 

I am prepared for whatever happens. This is our country. One man or one woman can not be our undoing.  We will persevere. We will face these challenges as a nation and be stronger for it. 

One Response to “Early voting”

  1. I too will vote early, and for Mrs. Cliton
    I think her a compromised person, but Mr. Trump is a terrible person.

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