We are head down road the to  Morro Bay today. Most of my coworkers think it would expect a fun place to go. I am sure most readers think the same. But for us it is an obligation that has turned into chore of sorts. 

First there is the drive. we have been on the road since 9 am and our destination seems no closers. The GPS says we should arrive at 4::32 pm. But in the heavy traffic on the 5 that nnumber has been increase rather than decreasing. An hour ago it said 4 pm. We have decided to cut over to the 101 because it is more scenic and hopefully less sstressful too. The woman trapped in our dash keeps telling us to make a legal u turn. Eventually she will catch on and reroute us.

Boring road and it has been raining most of the way.

Okay, so the long ride is one thing. Getting  there will make up for that, right? Probably not.

We are going for my father’s 82nd birthday. My sister, her husband and my nephew are coming up from Port Hueneme tomorrow. It should be a nice little family visit in a beautiful beachieved town. What’s not to like? Did I mention my family is going to be there? 

(To be continued.)

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