In the Navy

My visit with my family was really not as bad as the anticipation of it.  I got my father to tell us stories from when he was in the service. Some of them even my mother said she had not heard before, but then she doesn’t remember a lot of things these days so take that for what it’s worth.

I think my dad was just very reflective on his birthday. Things he ddidn’t  talk about when he was young were suddenly flooding his mind. And maybe I was listening more now that I am older too. Either way it was interesting after dinner conversation and it had nothing to do with the election so it came as a welcome diversion.

Hearing about his time spent in Norfolk Virgina on the Naval base flying a sea plane were exciting adventures. You could tell from his voice these were fond memories. And then he would pause and say ” interesting” as if it had just dawned on him now how amazing these events were to him.

I felt like I had my old sea daddy back again if only for a few hours. That is what he called him self when we were kids.

Normally after a visit to my folks I feel sad. The future is not bright for them. Dwindling health and all.  But this time I realized what a wonderful life they have… 

The picture above is not my dad., but he had a uniform like that. when I was you ger and thinner I wore it for Halloween. itchy scratch wool. I don’t know how they did it. He even had a wool swim suit!


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