Grandparent angst 

Our 20 year old granddaughter has moved in with us while she goes to college. Not having children of my own this situation has proved to be quite challenging. There are rules that I have quickly been indoctrinated to….. I mistakenly thought my house my rules. Not so simple.

It seems young adults have space that should not be invaded without prior permission. That’s the first mistake I made. I went in her room and tidied things up while she was at school. You would have thought I murdered her best friend.

We had a little talk. I apologized for thinking it was okay to fold laundry vacuum and make her bed. I told her I would never do it again. But if I ask her to straighten up she damn we’ll better do it. We have an agreement. The first of many, I suspect.

I have yet to clean her bathroom.  (to be continued)


2 Responses to “Grandparent angst ”

  1. Is she a mardy one?

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