Strange obsessions and other nonsense 

Sharing hands making all sorts of plans…

It’s election  is tomorrow. Finally Hilary will be crowned queen er ah madame president. Or there is a slight chance the world will end. The obsession for news about the Donald will hopefully be over  and the country can get back to business as usual. Change is good but too much change is bad. It’s not just going out of your comfort zone. It’s  headed  in the opposite direction.

AND I have a new odd obsession for a guy I follow on Facebook. I could never connect with him directly but I am fascinated with his little videos and comments about the election and the world in general.

He is an Internet comedian. He is gay and you probably know him as the guy who asked us to leave Brittany alone.

I know it’s crazy. But maybe I like the way he reaches out and pretends not to care what others think and at the same time he appears so vulnerable. He is brave and I admire him.

ALSO I am hook on a new show called This is us. The best writing I have seen in years. 

If Hilary loses tomorrow, I  still have Chris Crocker and TV to keep the reality star at bay.


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