Waist not want not

I met with the surgeon last week.  You’ll never guess what she asked me to do before the surgery.  That’s right, lose weight.  It seems the outcome will be much better if I am much smaller.  We are waiting 6 weeks to see what I can do about this problem.    Seriously, six weeks!  I have been trying to lose weight  most of my adult life.  I am not sure what 6 weeks will do.  But I am sufficiently scared so who knows.

The first scare was that I had an irregular heartbeat, so she ordered an urgent EKG.  The next day the results were normal.  Nothing to worry about.  Easy for her PA to say, I was worried for a day and a half.  It was a struggle not to look at my own medical record, but I resisted and called the doctor for the results instead.  I need my job.

The same cannot be said for my addiction to food.  My partner, does all the cooking.  Lucky me.  But I do the clean-up.   All my life it has been pounded into me not to waste food.  Waste not want not…..   Well, that has turned into something ugly.  You have always heard that cooks sample the food while they are making it and that is why they are often overweight.   Well we don’t keep left overs, so when I am clean out the pots and pans I find myself eating some of the would be leftovers before putting them down the sink.   Translation, last night I ate a lot of cheese tortellini with a big serving spoon hovered over the kitchen sink.  Hence the title of this post Waist not….

I seriously need to get this under control or have someone dump the food for me before I do the rest of the clean up.


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