I am reading social media and there is endless bickering back and forth about the election. The prevailing question from Democrats is why did this happen? On the Republican side the question is why can’t  you accept that we won.  The reality is there are no winners here. We have lost ourselves in an ugly campaign that has left a bad taste in our mouths.

I seriously don’t believe  that anything was proved by electing Donald Trump other than that fear is a motivation and hate can be as strong as love.

I can not say with certainty that Hilary would have United this country. But I didn’t feel the hate.

People are asking us to move on and accept. I can not accept a man whose heart is filled with greed. And I refuse to accept racial inequality, sexual inequality, or any other forms of inequality .  

To that end, I understand what people thought they were accomplishing.  An outsider could fix things. A statement was made but at what cost.

I am a very accepting person. I have believed in others who have let me down both personally and professionally.

I accept  the new president . But not without an abundance  of caution. And a little fear.


One Response to “Why?”

  1. You are a better man than I. I see him as the next North Korean president.

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