Healthy weight loss motivation


As anyone knows who has been reading this blog, I have been struggling with my weight.  Now this has become a health issue.  Not only do I look like a grizzly bear san hair, I am making myself ill.  I have talked about will power before. So many people think that we overweight people have none.  If you have a weight problem you know this is not entirely true.


So now that I have this health issue I am sufficiently motivated to shed the pounds.   We are not talking about skinny Jeff here, we just want to lose about 20 lbs. so we can have a safe and successful hernia operation.  Operation is a scary word for me.  I have only had 2 in my life.  Once when I was 3 they took my tonsils.  Never missed them.  The second one was a hernia repair that went bad.


Let me tell you about this experience.  It was an outpatient routine surgery.  They put me under.  The doctor did his thing.  And then I am waking up to a code blue.  Staring up at the bright operating room light and gasping for breath that would not come.  I image this might be the light people talk about seeing when they die.  Not really from heaven but from a cold operating room.  And the people you see are not angels but doctors and nurses trying to save you.  Maybe they are angels after


So after that experience I have not wanted to go under the knife again. My new surgeon assures me that she with get the anesthesia right and I will not experience this again.  BUT she told me that many men, most far larger then I, have had to have hernias repaired as many as 5 times.  “We don’t want this to happen with you, right?”  Hell no.   For the best outcome I need to lose weight.  The hernia has fatty tissue in it as well as bowel tissue.  Some of the fatty tissue could be removed though weight loss and the surgery would be much easier and more successful.


Now, I am motivated.  That damn will power is still a problem, but we have goals. My partner is onboard with this goal as well.  What a difference that makes, let me tell you.


There is one more fear.  The fear that had me going to the surgeon in the first place, strangulation of the bowels.   If this happens we are going straight to emergency.   “You will know”, she said.  “You will be in great pain, vomiting, etc.”   I am paraphrasing, but it is not a pretty site.  I had the great pain before I went to the doctors, but is subsided after lying on my back for 3 hours.


This is probably more than anyone wanted to know about a hernia, but I wanted you to know my motivation this time to actually lose weight.  I see the surgeon again in mid-January.  Wish me luck.


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