Clean as a whistle

I don’t blog on weekends. This weekend I was tempted because Ricky was not feeling well. President’s Day was spend mostly at home.

After I couldn’t watch another HGTV show I started cleaning house. Baseboards clean, check. Toilet bowl clean, check. Bathroom floor clean, check. Mirrors clean, check. Light shades clean, check. Jeff is tired of smelling cleaning fluid, check. Sometimes a little deep cleaning is as good as any HGTV make over.

So here we are at work on a Tuesday/Monday. Everything was broken this morning. Systems down, people locked out of accounts, reports not running correctly, vendors not coming through on their promises, and that was all before lunch.

The afternoon is much better, except I am on my 3rd cup of joe. Napping seems appropriate but not possible. I checked the news feeds and that was depressing. The POTUS is on the defense. Maybe he is finally scared. Can a Cheeto show emotion? Perhaps rage. I am glad I don’t work in the White House.

I did manage to watch Celebrity Big Brother with my granddaughter. Omarosa was head of house hold and put Ross up for eviction. Ross won the power of Veto and saved himself. Metta World Peace begged to be sent home so Omarosa put him in Ross’s place and they all voted him out.

Meta World Peace

I really dislike Omarosa but I have to confess she is the reason to watch. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth but she has the art of lying down to a science.

Julie Chen, host of Big Brother and wife of network executive.

Ricky is feeling better today. A bout of diverticulitis we suspect. Bland food and not too much fiber for a few days and he will be all better. And the house looks great!

One Response to “Clean as a whistle”

  1. Oh joy is a good tidy up! Good for you!

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