Health check

Ricky went to the doctor this morning and was told he has nothing to worry about. Thank God. The stress was killing us. Those numbers while out of normal range were not in the danger zone. They fluctuate when you are getting over a cold or flu. I told him this but he needed a real doctor to confirm it.

As for my situation, I can begin to tell you about it. My diabetes has suddenly gone into the unmanaged zone. My AIC jumped 3 full points in three months’ time. I have an appointment to see and endocrinologist. It will probably just be a matter of adjusting my medication and eating healthier.

I have already started the eating more healthy part. Of course I expected immediate results from eating right for 3 days. Ha! My reading have gone down but I think the med check is still in order. I will tell you that I feel better having purged all that starch and sugar from my diet.

Here is the thing. I didn’t abandon starch and sugar completely. I made better choices. If you are having a sandwich have whole wheat bread or some other high fiber bread if you can. I stopped French fries and cokes. But I still allow myself a desert treat. Here it becomes a portion control issue. I will have an ice cream bar or a small piece of cake if I want it, but no seconds, no big bowls of ice cream with brownies underneath and caramel and chocolate toppings. I am drooling just writing those words.

Cold turkey on sweets doesn’t work. You need to satisfy the craving with something. Otherwise, I substitute some other food and continue through the pantry still craving that sweet thing. In short, I eat more.

Dieting has been a yoyo thing for me for years. I looked back at my food logs and see that I weigh the same now as I did when I started writing things down 5 years ago. Damn! I was going to lose 30 pounds in three weeks. Nothing doing. Weight seeks its own level. I don’t know if that is a real thing or not but that is what is happening. I need to break this cycle.

Some people think weigh gain is a lack of discipline and control. There is another nasty word that I have blocked from my mind, willpower. Trust me if a skinny person had half the willpower of a dieter they could accomplish many things. I think it is chemical. I also know that for me it is emotional.

Right now I am afraid enough to do it. But as the reality sets in that it will not come quickly I give in to the cravings. Many times I gain more weight on a diet then if I don’t think about it and just eat. As I tell my co-workers, I have been pregnant for 30 years. It is time to lose this child.

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  1. Good for the both of you!

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