Summer of love

We had a pleasant Father’s Day weekend at home this year. No visitors, just the two of us. After watching a million home improvement shows we turned to Netflix. It’s the summer of love. We discovered all sorts of movies with gay characters. I was surprised. These movies never played in theatres around this part, let me tell you. So while the Rodeo was in full swing, we were at home enjoying art films.

The first one we watched was called “I am Michael.” This is a true story about Michael Glatze, a gay activist that turn into a heterosexual Christian. It stars James Franco. It was made in 2015. I am sure I am the only one in the dark about this movie, but I found it very interesting in dealing with the struggles of being gay in a Christian world. It is about Michael’s inter struggle as much as our culture as a whole. While I don’t agree with Michael’s decision, and despite the recent problems James Franco has faced in the media, this very well done.

After this one we ventured into the land of foreign films. It was in English, but took some creful attention to understand their distinct accents. “Loev” was made in India.

This one was a little bit dark in parts and at the end you find out that the lead actor, Dhruv Ganesh has died in real life. It is the story of two old friend getting together for the weekend and ultimately having an affair.

The darker part is what I would call a rape scene. But in the end he returns to his partner and there are some heart ache scenes that are very relatable with the boyfriend. We see them drive away and things switch gears as if the affair never happened.

The last one we watched was made in Argentina complete with subtitles. I don’ know about you but I hate subtitles, but 20 minutes into the picture I forgot about them. The movie was “Esteros”.

It about two boys who share a summer as teenagers and then have a chance meeting again as adults. The movie is shot beautifully and you really don’t need to know what is being said to understand it. The language of love is universal. I really enjoyed this one.

I am not sure what else Netflix has offer but I am looking forward to another adventure next weekend. After all it is pride month.

2 Responses to “Summer of love”

  1. I just found your blog after your comment on spo-reflections. Thanks for the movie reviews. I have heard of the first two, but not the third one. I may watch it tomorrow!

  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a good gay themed film. One I won’t see is with James Franco. For obvious reasons. Thanks for the suggestion of the other two titles. I’ll check them out in my Netflix queue. By the way, subtitles used to bother me but not now. I need subtitles because I can’t understand most of the dialogue, because actors these days mumble.

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