More political crap…

This Presidency is like a very bad reality show. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. We went from justifying sexual assault to murder in one week. It reminds me of those old soap operas where the villain catches her foot on the carpet and tumbles down the stairs on purpose to have a miscarriage. This is truly a miscarriage we are experiencing as a country.

We see our leader parading about with dictators, kings and other foreign aristocracy. He believes them because he can read people. He knows when they are telling the truth. I find that hard to believe coming from someone who doesn’t even know when he is telling the truth. He is a pathological liar. He believes his own lies.

The Republican Party is swept up in this charade because they are too close to the source. I know how this goes. I dated an arsonist. It wasn’t until he went to jail and I was out from under his spell that I could see the truth. He was a pathological liar. His sister let me read his psychiatric examination. He was diagnosed as a sociopath. He had a poor inner sense of right and wrong. He had used me to get what he needed, a place to stay, a lawyer, etc. He was totally disingenuous. It was all about protecting himself. The sad part of this is that I loved him. He made me feel special. Just enough to keep me going. But he could be mean. Scary mean.

I am afraid that this is what the leader of the free world is too. We have seen him manipulate congress. We have seen him lie and then double down on that lie, until we start to question the reality of the truth ourselves. I am afraid he will cast his spell on the rest of the country. We may not get the chance to back away and see him. The evil will manifest itself and take over. We are headed down a scary path as a nation. It Is not too late to turn back, but we are dangerously close to losing it all.

2 Responses to “More political crap…”

  1. Well said. The whole Trump presidency scares me, especially when I think that after all of the crap he has pulled, he still has supporters. It is mind-blowing.

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