Lunch time

Today is cafeteria lunch day. Every once in a while I can’t meet Rick for lunch. It’s either a meeting or a doctor’s appointment or something and I am stuck here at the hospital eating cafeteria food. You would think a hospital would have healthy choices for lunch. Not so.

I picked up a readymade ham and cheese sandwich. The steamer table choice was some sort of Chinese food. It looked disgusting. The other options are to have something from the grill, like a hamburger or there is always pizza by the slice (equally gross looking). There is a salad option but they weigh it and it can get expensive fast not to mention unhealthy depending on what you pile on the plate. The readymade is already portion controlled for me so that is a plus, even though I am still hungry after eating it.

This is called a grub plate. Maybe too much.

The rest of this week will be equally challenging, Holiday lunches at various restaurants around town and one being catered in the auditorium which could be anything. The trick will be to order an appetizer as a meal. Many times these are less calories and not as dull as a salad. It will be festive I am sure. I might have a little trouble at the sushi bar, because I hate sushi. I am hoping they have shrimp or soup or something I can eat. They used to have a Shrimp Louie. The dressing is the danger there but I can handle it.

The point of all this is that you can celebrate and still watch what you eat. Just don’t order that chocolate cake and Claim Jumpers and you will be fine.

2 Responses to “Lunch time”

  1. Hang in there; I am about to launch something similar.

  2. It’s January; I have started my diet too!

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