Hump day…

Today is hump day. I know it is Thursday, but for me this is truly a hump day. I am going to see a surgeon about a hump that has developed on my back between my two shoulder blades. I started a post about this once but then deleted it thinking it was TMI. But here it the thing. I have lost 30 pounds and still this hump persists. It causes me neck pain when I lay down. I have to adjust pillows and move the hump around to get comfortable lying on my back. It makes chase lounges very uncomfortable. And lord knows I need to relax in a chase by the pool this summer.

It’s called by many names, buffalo hump, dowager’s hump, hunch back, Quasimodo hump, to name a few. What causes it is the big concern. My doctor thinks mine is some sort of benign lipoma.

If you have ever seen the Pimple doctor she treat these things all the time. Sandra Lee, “Dr. Pimple Popper”, makes incisions and pops these masses out for your Instagram viewing pleasure. You can also catch her TV series on the Learning Channel. The interesting thing about Sandra Lee is that she is from Upland California. I used to live there in the ‘80s. I used to be young and thin too, but that’s another story.

So I am seeing a local surgeon in about an hour to find out what can be done for me.

Update: It’s not a lipoma so it can not be easily removed. It’s a dorsocervical fat pad caused by diabetes and obesity. ☹

The solution is lose weight so I am no longer have an ICD 10 E65. (Localized adiposity or fat pad).

Note: My office mate just tried to console me. She said it is not that noticeable. She never saw it till I pointed it out. I didn’t tell that’s be because I hide it with collars and jacket hoods.

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