This picture is priceless.

As January comes to a close I realize I am not on target for my goals. My weight loss is barely back to where I was before the holidays. It is frustrating. To that end I have started exercising again. Oh how I hate that word. So far I have gone twice this week. As predicted all the resolution seekers are done. The gym is back to its normal population and the equipped is readily available for my use.

I know I hate exercise and it doesn’t really help with the weight loss that much, but it does help my mental attitude and I feel like I am doing something healthy. Getting into the gym is the hardest part.

After I am there the time goes by quickly. Except the batteries went out on my earphones yesterday. I had to listen to the music being piped in and try to read the television screens to figure out what was happening on CNN and MSNBC. That didn’t make my mood better. Watching the news is not a healthy thing to do either. But I got through it and I put my earphones on the charger ready to go the next time.

Riding the bike or doing the treadmill helps clear my head. I do a lot of thinking at the gym. Sometimes I get so lost in my thoughts that I forget where I am. Luckily I use weight machines and not free weights so the danger factor is far less. Then Rick comes over and asking me if I am ready or how much do I have left to do. I come quickly back to reality and say I am ready now.

On the ride home thoughts switch to what we are going to have for dinner. Rick baked a cake. It was just a box cake, spice with canned cream cheese frosting, but it was all I could think about. He told me what was for dinner too. We had scalped potatoes, breaded organic chicken breasts, and asparagus. But still that cake was all I could thing about.

I considered the cake as a reward, after all we did go to the gym. That is not the right way to think about. As I have pointed out before, the cake has far more calories than I could have burned at the gym. Hopefully my revved up metabolism would help.

Maybe confessing my sins here will prevent me from doing them again. I would like to blame Rick for making the cake but he didn’t force me to eat it. I bear some responsibility in all of this, but temptations in the pantry unbaked are not the same as a fresh cake on the counter. “Let them eat cake.”

On a side note, we actually had a discussion about that quote. It turns out Marie Antoinette probably never said it. Rick had heard that “cake” was actually the stuff that collects on the walls of the oven and is not sweet at all. That idea made me sick. I quickly disproved it. It actually refers to “brioches” which is a butter rich French bread. And the saying goes back to 1782, when Marie was 10 years old. It was actually Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his autobiography “Confessions” who first made the statement and attributed it to a “great princess”. There is still the possibility that Marie said it too but there are no real records to prove it. (Plus just how much can you believe on the internet these days?)

One Response to “Cake”

  1. In my diet I sorely miss buns and things not so much cake, although I would enjoy a piece thank you.

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