London Spy

I am halfway through a miniseries on Netflix called “London Spy”. It was originally aired on BBC in 2015. What is unique about this series is that the lead characters are gay. It is sort of and LBGT James Bond kind of story, with a twist. You have the rich villains, but the lead person is just an ordinary guy, except that he is fearless. His love interest is a handsome introverted brilliant mind. Not “Octapussy”, but intriguing none the less.

Ben Whishaw plays Danny.

Anyway, I am hooked on this show. Thank goodness it is only 5 episodes. I can’t binge watch it because it gives you a lot to think about and it can cause nightmares. I don’t want to give away the plot but this is for mature audiences. There are some sex scenes and drug use shown vividly.

Danny and Alex

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  1. i should hope so!

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