Doctor shaming me

Just a quick update. I know I am not keeping up on this blog. But apparently that’s not the only thing in my life that needs some attention.

I had a follow up visit with my endocrinologist. While my A1C number is great at 6 0, my obesity is still a problem. Instead of losing weight I have gained 3 pounds over the last three months.

So the doctor had his intern go over my diet to see what can be adjusted. For the most part I am eating okay but as she put it just too much. Dah!

She suggested that I cut more carbs, have an open face sandwich at lunch, for example. Fore go that sleeve of thin mint cookies. Limit my ice cream to maybe once a week. Replace that bagel in the morning with bacon. And so on. Small changes will make a difference in the long run

Then the doctor came in and said most people lose weight on the meds I am taking. He changed my prescription to something more powerful. He said I don’t have to change. And sarcastically suggesting it was my choice if I don’t want to lose weight.

So I have been shamed by an intern and a doctor. Made me want that other sleeve of cookie. Ugh!

3 Responses to “Doctor shaming me”

  1. Oh the horror
    Not once do I recall a doctor shaming or yelling at a patient and this worked. It only makes the patient feel bad. Nerts to this nonsense.

  2. It’s very hard to lose weight. But if you reduce a little, and get used to it (the hard part), overtime you will lose weight. When I was 18 years old (a LONG time ago), after an operation and subsequent complications, I put on forty pounds (from 160 to 202). I cut out milk, potato chips and candy. Took about six months but I lost the weight and haven’t put it back on since. I never want to see 200 lbs again.

    • Yes when I was 20 I went through a similar transformation, but I am not 20 anymore and the things that worked for them are not possible now. With diabetes I can skip a meal. If I do I end up with bigger problems. Slowly I am losing weight. Maybe when I read they say but doesn’t he look good for his age.🤣

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