KDF8999 signs off *

We have all had to respond at some time in our lives to someone’s passing. This is probably only the second time I have been on the receiving end of those responses. For the first time I am realizing how difficult it is for people to say anything that makes sense.

There are offers of support, prayers, and kind words. Some of them are a little less thought out, like how “lucky” you were to have that person. I am not feeling lucky, that is for sure.

There is a cloud that hangs over me. I am functioning the same as I did the day before. The world seems unremarkably different. And yet there is a sharp pain in my soul. Something is missing that I may not have fully appreciated before it was gone.

My father is dead.

*If you are puzzled by the title, that was his radio handle. For some reason it in fixed in my mind.

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