Pride month begins tomorrow. It is a time to reflect on how far the LBGTI community has come. It is a time to look at some of the recent setbacks and our path forward. But mostly it is a time of celebration, a time to celebrate who we are and the differences that make us the same.

This weekend here in Reno kicks off with a Pride (beer) Crawl. As you can imagine there aren’t that many exclusively gay establishments in town. But we have great support from community bars that are participating in the event as well as casinos and shops around the downtown and midtown areas. I am surprised how many people both straight and gay turn out for our Pride events.

If you are from a big coastal city like L.A. , New York or San Francisco these events seem old hat. But here in what once was the far right regions of Nevada it is an event that has taken a long time to build momentum. Sure there are still haters here as there are all across the country, but we have supporters too. That is what makes it so amazing. During these events we are free to be ourselves and enjoy the company of others without concern for their sexual identity. We are one.

As I approach the golden age of 60, I look back at my first Pride event in West Hollywood. I was maybe 20 years of age. People came for the spectacle. I came to be with people like me. I came to end some of the loneliness of living in a straight world. And, of course, if I could hook up with someone so much the better.

Now I am married. I see these events as an affirmation of normality. I enjoy the exuberant young people and hope they appreciate the freedoms bestowed upon them through the efforts of past generations. I can’t forget where we came from and I can see how easily these freedoms could slip away.

So, celebrate the month of June. Have pride and be proud of who you are and what we have as a community. Never forget how precious these freedoms are and what price we have paid and will continue to pay for the respect of others.

2 Responses to “Pride”

  1. The community has certainly come a long way in the last 50 years. There still is hatred and bigotry unfortunately, but these people are becoming more of a minority with each passing decade.

  2. well said !

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