Pillow talk

New pillows help me sleep better at night. I got two new pillows on Sunday. The first night it was great. No soring. The second night I got a stiff neck. These pillows have quite a bit more loft then my old ones. Last night I threw one on the floor and wrapped my arm around the other one to crush its spirit. It will take a few weeks to get these puppies to behave the way I want them. The stand so high the bedspread barely covers them and the headboard all but disappears behind.

They have something called cool touch, but apparently Martha was too cheap to put this fabric on both sides of the pillow. Once I have it in the pillow protector and a pillow case I am not sure which side is the cool touch or if it even works through all those layers. But the pillow is nice and firm.

I am a side sleeper and I need two pillows most of the time to stop my snoring and acid reflux. But until I break this mountain down I will probably only need one for now.

Pillows are always a problem for me when we travel. If we go by car, I can bring mine alone from home, but on an airplane that is not practical. They would need their own bag and that’s a 35 dollar charge at least. I could buy pillows when I get there for that much money. Thankfully, most hotels have extra pillows in the closet. I use them all. I build a pillow mountain that smashes down because they are usually not firm. I hate foam pillows.

You have probably seen commercials for those special pillows that are supposed to be the best ever. Or when you go to a craft fair or farmers market they often have someone peddling them. Don’t waste your money. I got two at a craft fair. They collapse down into a small little bag. They were made of bamboo, though I suspect that was just the outer casing. The inside was crushed foam rubber. They were crap. I gave them to charity.

You may have also seen those memory foam contoured pillows. My son bought them. I don’t know who they are contoured for but I hate them too. I bring my own pillow to his house.

Remember when pillows were either down or polyester fiber fill? Mom used to pick them up at the A and P and we never threw them out. They turned yellow and disgusting. She washed them. I probably had the same pillow for 18 years.

I am not sure when it started but hotels in Palm Springs actually have pillow menus to select the firmness among other features. The older I get the more I appreciate a good pillow and a good night’s sleep.

Now if that damn bird would stop chirping at 4 am all would be good. Seems he doesn’t know when morning starts. Maybe some stray cat will do him in…

One Response to “Pillow talk”

  1. I want a very firm pillow for my head and I must have a second one to put between my legs and hold tight.

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