Eat just enough

It is healthy tracks time again. I completed my surveys and had my biometric assessment done yesterday. It is confirmed. I am obese.

Here is the advice they gave me. Thought I would share as misery does love company.

You’re probably laughing out loud right now thinking, “Eat just enough? I wish it were that simple.” Obviously, it’s not. For most people, eating just enough food is their biggest struggle with wellness, not whether they exercise enough. A half-hour workout (300 calories) can quickly be erased by a burger (500 calories), fries (400 calories), and drink (200 calories). Also, with exercise, you only need to make one decision each day. With food, you need to makedozens of decisions throughout the day.

Even though it’s tough, not overeating is extremely important since obesity rivals smoking for the highest cause of premature deaths. Don’t despair. Just focus on one habit at a time, and you will get there.

Here are the recommendations:

Weigh yourself monthly. Track your weight (or body measurements) like the stock market. Expect ups and downs but see what the overall picture is telling you.

Eat slowly. Take the time to savor your food and the company of those around you. This gives your stomach the 15-20 minutes it needs to tell your brain it’s full.

Dine. Eat at the dining table. When you eat in front of the television, your desk, or on the go, it is far too easy to overeat because you are not focused on the fact that you’re eating.

Skip seconds. Serve yourself reasonable portions, and then don’t go back for more. Put food away and out of sight after serving to help avoid the temptation.

Split a meal. When dining out, split a meal with a friend or put half of the meal in a to-go container before you start to eat.

Close the kitchen. After dinner, clean up the kitchen, turn out the lights, and don’t go back in for the rest of the evening.

Don’t eat out of the bag. Instead of eating out of the bag or box, pour some in a bowl so you know how much you are eating.

I am still laughing at the title of this piece. If only….lol.

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