The tongue is not that tasty after all

I just read an article that says a fat tongue can contribute to sleep apnea.  It’s an interesting idea.  The study showed that if you reduced your weight by 10%, an MRI shows that the fat in your tongue is also reduced significantly and can reduce snoring as well as other symptoms of sleep apnea.

It seems to me that an obese person might have a “thinner” tongue given the fact that it is getting much more use.  But that is just not the case.  They aren’t certain why the tongue has any fat at all. It should be just muscle, but it is marbled with fat.  No wonder the cat wants it.

I would also speculate that people who talk incessantly would also have muscular tongues.  I wonder if lying has any effect. Certainly then politicians would not suffer from apnea, nor in-laws. But this does not prove to be the case.  Fat body equals fat tongue.  It’s that simple.

So all of my health problems are related to my obesity.  We really are what we eat, so to speak, (fat) tongue in cheek.

One Response to “The tongue is not that tasty after all”

  1. that was fun reading.

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