Working it

Does it ever seem like the universe is working against you?  Last night we decided to go to the gym.  Low and behold our location had closed.  The lease was up and the landlord refused to renew it.  Now I supposed we would have known that had we been going to the gym regularly, but we didn’t go the whole month of December and it closed December 29th.

So now we have to go to another location across town and cancel our membership.  It’s hard enough to go to a gym next to my house let alone across town.  We found a new gym that my husband’s insurance covers for free.   So that’s a positive thing, except my membership will be 20 dollars a month.  So we are right back to where we started at Fitness for 10.  Can’t win for losing.

I am sure it’s not this nice. But as long as I’m dreaming.

One could argue that is a small price to pay for the improvement of one’s health.  On the upside too, this new gym has an indoor swimming pool, which is truly my favorite form of exercise. We are going to check it out today or tomorrow. Did I ever tell you exercise is a dirty word around our house?  So is gym, walking, running, hiking, stairs, and any sort of extraneous movement that can be avoided.  So talk dirty to me baby.  I am ready to get back in shape.

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