Hard times

It is hard to think of anything except the pandemic.  I try to continue working and living my life as best I can, given the path we are currently on.  People are scared for the future.  The unknown is terrifying.   But what certainty is there after all?  Shit happens.

This is the second big blow to my future.  The first one came 15 years ago when the economy went to shit.  We had plans.  Rick was going to retire.  We were going to move.  We thought we had enough money in real estate that maybe I could retire with him.  Then you know what happened next.  

We lost money on the sale of our house in California.  Had we known what was going to happen we should have just walked away, but we thought we were doing the right thing?  I lost my job in the city.  I found one locally and we became renters.  After 2 years we decided it was time to move on.  I found a job in Reno and Rick retired.  We moved into a 2 bedroom condo and here we are today.

I have been with the hospital for 13 years.  Property values have started to go up.  My salary is almost back to what it was in the city (San Francisco).  I am looking at retirement in a few years.  It all seemed possible in January.  Now things are looking bad.

My 401K has taken a big hit.  Real estate is stable but stagnant for now.  Our plans to move to Palm Springs are delayed at best or cancelled all together if things don’t change soon.  I know I am not alone in my tale of woe, but that doesn’t seem to be comforting.

If I were a religious man like my father I would ask god what I did that was so terrible you have stuck me down again.  Actually my dad would not ask that question.  He had faith and believed everything would be alright.  I know that is true too.  We deal with what life presents us in whatever way we can. “I will survive”, as Gloria Gaynor once sang in that anthem of hope for our community.

Gloria Gaynor

2 Responses to “Hard times”

  1. We have similar histories. Bill and I almost went under (financial ruin) when we couldn’t sell our house in Pennsylvania to pay for our new house in Delaware where we retired. It took us eleven months but we did sell it for a loss. I also lost thousands in my 401K. Now, because of this pandemic, my friend Pat and I had to cancel our trip to Palm Springs, to prep his condo for rental. This condo will probably be my eventual and final retirement but now? Life has a way of throwing curves. But so far we have survived and I plan too again.

  2. There are no gods striking you down.
    I concur you will survive this as you survived all the others. You are more resilient than you realize.

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