Back to work

First day back at work after 60 of working from home.  The hospital and the governor decided not to extend the date which was May 15th.    It is kind of strange.   You must wear a face mask when walking around. There are “greeters” at the door who take your temperature.  Public use things such as coffee dispensers are turned off.  We keep to ourselves in our cubicles when possible.

I am not that comfortable coming back but it was determined that my job is best done on-site so my users have direct access to me for help.  I am avoiding going out into the clinic where the patients are being treated. If someone needs me they can come to my desk or I can remote them. (Again, why can’t I be at home?)

I should be grateful I have a job. But instead I am anxious about being here.   I don’t have hospital issued PPE because I don’t work with patients.  I have made myself 5 masks so I can wash them every day.  People are offering masks but they are all handmade as well.  One woman’s grandmother made a whole stack of them, covered in a floral print.  I passed on that one.  It is great to see we have some community support.

Another part of my anxiousness has to do with what the POTUS is now calling comorbidities, which as near as I can tell is not a goddess but a person who suffers from obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.   Being morbidly obese was bad enough but now I suffer from “comorbidities”.

And here I am going back to work because I am an essential employee.  This is based on cries from the clinics director and the chief medical officer that they need me here to provide them the best support.  Bullshit.  Do you know what they are doing?  Medical Assistants are rooming patients and checking their vitals.  Then they setup a Zoom connection on the computer with the doctor who is up front here where I sit completing the on treatment visit via a teleconference call.  They need me here because they are inept at using computers. Bullshit.  Did I say that already?

Okay, I got that out of my system.  On the upside I do get to interact with other people beside Rick and my cat.

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